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Sharing Cultures

Connecting With Your Community

Every year, EF High School Exchange Year brings thousands of exchange students to live with host families all over America. The key to making it possible is EF’s network of International Exchange Coordinators (IECs) working with their local host families, exchange students and high schools throughout the year.


You can be the IEC in your town! In this flexible part-time role, you’ll:


  • network in your community to find caring host families
  • help match these families with exchange students from 13 countries
  • mentor and support the exchange students during the school year


This can be the year you make a real positive difference for your family, your community and the world. Break down cultural barriers, make friends from around the globe, and have a profound impact on people’s lives.


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You'll work with schools and other local organizations to spread awareness about student exchange and to bring the world into your community.


You'll find caring host families in your community and help them choose an exchange student that perfectly fits their personality, interests and lifestyle.


With the help of your Regional Coordinator and EF office staff, you'll be a friend, mentor and local support resource for exchange students and host families throughout the school year.