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Volunteer to host an international exchange student

When you host a high school exchange student, you make a difference in so many ways—for your student, for your own family, in your community, and across the globe. Each year, EF High School Exchange Year brings nearly 3,000 international exchange students to live with caring host families across America. You can be a part of it.

Top reasons to host:


  • As a host family bringing cultures together, you play a meaningful role in making our world a kinder, more tolerant, more understanding place.
  • Maybe you have ancestors from another country and want to reconnect with your heritage, or you became interested in another culture during a trip and want to experience it more in-depth. 
  • If you have children of your own, an international teenager in your home is like a big brother or sister from another country. It may even inspire your children to go out and see the world someday!
  • If you're interested in another country's language and culture, hosting a student is a way to experience the wider world right in your own home.
  • If you have older children who have grown up or gone off to college, you may have an extra room available and miss having teenagers around the house—the perfect chance to host an exchange student!
  • You have a volunteer spirit and want to share your American culture with a young teenager from abroad.


Does this sound like something that interests you?  Fill out the form to learn more about hosting an exchange student! 



Families who express an interest in hosting are guided through an application process by a local exchange coordinator in their community and EF staff in our Boston office. The screening process includes a home visit, an in-person interview, an online application, and a background check.

Choosing your student

Once you have been accepted onto our program, we will present profiles of students who would be a good match for your family and who also fit your school's enrollment requirements. 

Welcome your student!

Your student arrives before the start of the school semester, marking the start of a life-changing experience for everyone. Throughout the year, EF is available to support host families and students 24/7.